Hakan Kuyumcu

He lives in İzmir… He had cinema studies for a while. He was involved in music for many years. He made music on TRT 1’s Gecenin İçinden programs. He worked in magazine magazines and worked as set photographer on cinema sets. He worked in almost all areas of photography. He was also the news manager of a local newspaper. He started the photo, which he called my second birth, in 2007. He made documentary and experimental photography works. He realized his first photography exhibition named “Magic Curtain”, which consists of opera and ballet shows, at the Alhambra Foyer. He held photography exhibitions in different cities… He gave photography lessons in educational institutions. He was invited to the International Aegen Art Festival in 2015 and exhibited his photography works. She received awards in national and international photo contests. Some of his photographs took place in national and international media. In October 2017, he opened Mesut People’s Photography Center in İzmir Karşıyaka. He continues to produce photographs in the place where professional photography and video shootings are also held, as well as workshops.